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Gold Xmas Tree Clash Of Clans 2015

DHHoney Gentlemen, If you notice the diversity of names on individuals and clans, you can see that Christmas celebrating cultures are not necessarily the majority of players.Yes, XMAS is wonderful, but what about Divali, Channukah, Flying Spaghettimas, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and other spiritual seasons, Gregorian & Chinese Lunar New Years ?If SC wants to preserve and grow the love, let the love be expressed in the way that people really feel it.People should be able to select whether they get an Xmas Tree, a Menorah, a plate of Spaghetti, an empty plate with a moon and star, or kwanzaa candles, or bottles of Champagne wandering party-people, or a Dragon Statue (or animation) with red envelopes scattered about.Of course, one should have to go into the settings and select the celebrations that are relevant to them, and the seasonal gifts (gems/gold/&) can be divided evenly among all selections.That way, of you celebrate Xmas and Chinese New Year, half your gift will be under the tree, and half will be in one of those red envelopes&.just sayin&Oh, and what about our Hemispherically Challenged perspective ? like, someone tell me ? is it snowing on the bases of for those who have declared they are in Australia or Tamil Nadu ?nuff said Will Potter Thank you very much for the opinion buddy! Torquist Its a nice idea, but it sounds difficult to implement. This means on average, each obstacle cleared has 2 Gems. WOTS Video About Social Mobile Core Tech & More . You should find something constructive to do with yourself, away from VIDEO GAMES! Walter JB So how long have you been working at Supercell? Or are you one of those types who seem to not realize that companies require certain criticism in order to make improvements to their products? Or are you easily offended because I found something I dont like about the game? Thats why we have the comments section. Video of X-Mas Tree (2012) being chopped down and the reward: There's a special kind of Army Camp in theGoblin Gauntletmission inthe Single Player Campaignthat only consists of a camp fire with different surroundings that the one in the Army Camp, which is only 2x2. EBongo Posted December 14, 2012, Updated December 25, 2015, Permalink In Clash of Clans, what do I get for Christmas Tree removal? Every year, Supercell celebrates the Christmas holiday in Clash of Clans by spawning special Christmas Tree obstacles. Thanks Supercell. DJ Kronos I saw someone with like 20 presents! I havent gotten one but it looks like the people who have trees that light up get presents.

The 2013 X-Mas Tree appears as a small tree with golden garlands, a golden spike ball on top, and two skulls at the bottom of the tree. In very early versions of the game, an odd looking stone was able to appear in your village. Furthermore, an obstacle will only spawn if there is a 1-tile buffer zone between the spaces in which it will spawn and another building or obstacle. If American soldiers were doing that you would lose your mind. Thanks again for the comment. I half expect the tree to open up on Christmas day, and goblins dressed as elves to jump out and still my loot.loot that I am already having issues saving cause I cant attack enough to recoup losses made by gemmed th 11s. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Torquist No, it doesnt reappear. It might have been the deleted comment, but I think it was something else entirely. Nice opening scene.

The Achille Lauro. Lets burn this strawman to the ground, shall we? First of all, I didnt ask you to name a Christian terrorist. EBongo Hi Mikael, welcome to WOTS! Thanks for posting I have yet to get a tree this year. The prisons are filled with Christians who have committed horrible crimes. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. I agree with that! Daniel M. I understand some people like to save the trees. Ramos Well, this is as free as it gets with SuperCell. Nakshatra Bhatt new tree is better Be good, this can not Is the new xmas tree dropping gifts? I havent received any. S1VAD Still only 1 smash tree on my accounts, am I greedy for wanting more like past years or do you all want more than one too? Will Potter Of course lol. ee1f8b9cc0
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